Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Spats Giveaway Contest

If you would like to own these spats

just follow and subscribe to my blog and then enter a comment on why you would like to have them.Everyone who does this will all go into a draw and have equal chance to win.Name will be drawn on the 10th December,
Now just be warned these spats will have a differnt lining on each one (I had a brain burp and used the last of the lining on 2 lefties) but you wont be able to tell from the outside.
Hope to see a great amount of comments.



The spats arent pink as they look they are olive,marron,red and orange patterned and the loning isnt blue as shown they are cream coloured.


  1. Very cute, you are so creative. hehe

    Don't enter me in the drawing, would have to have custom ones (health) so I hope they go to someone who will give them a good home!

  2. Greetings Janelle, from "the the land down under," as the old song goes, from sunny Florida. The blog looks very interesting. Please do not enter my name in the drawing,the spats are cool but not my style, so give another a better chance. I am also a crafter and love all things vintage. However, I am so old I remember most of the things folks these days call vintage from the first time around.