Monday, November 1, 2010

Now I am Hooked

on crochet.I have been making the most adorably easy,feminine, pretty little scarflettes.Saw them on one of my youtube friends (she bought hers from etsy) and decided to have a go at making one( I hate buying when I know I can make myself).The pattern is made up just a heap of chain as long as you like then going back over those chains with a stitch (I dunno what its called tho) do a few rows for the scarf and then make the flowers and attach brooch pins on the back so they can be placed where you want.The original one she had also used chiffony type flower brooch as well instead of 2 crocheted ones. But I have none at the moment so did the 2 crochet ones.You could also add a vintage brooch as my youtube friend suggested.Here they are

They were cheap to make as the wool was bought at an opshop and was brand new and I had the pearls,clips and other yarn already.
Hope you liked them.

I am keeping my original one and will wear it next winter (its the one on my neck)The other is going as a gift to America.I am going to make a few of these in different colours as they are fun and quick to make.
Thought I'd share before time gets away from me.

Till I craft again,

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