Sunday, January 16, 2011

I have a Crafting Block

Just cant seem to get into crafting lately.But have been buying opshop crafty bits So thought I would quickly post some pics of finds and a pic of what I am up to so far with my Gypsy lady crosstitch you can see the picture of her at earlier post.
I do have an urge to start doing patchwork again but am trying to be strong for a bit.
This was taken a couple weeks ago so have added a bit more since.

Decided to make some lavender bags due to all the mustiness after all the rain.One is scraps and the other a doily with fabric back

More patterns while spotlights 1/2 price sale was

These all 50c each from opshop what a bargain.Shame I only just bought an apron one recently.

Happy crafting ,

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

An Edwardian hat and some great patterns

Been awhile but I am trying to get a weekly post going as part of my new years (I hate this word) but RESOLUTION lol

So I thought I would share some of my crafty things (only a few tho) 1st is the almost finished Edwardian/Victorian hat which started off looking like this (hat was too big for hubbys head and was origianlly from Bunnings bought for $2 from opshop ages ago)

and I am turning it into this

still not sure if these are the flowers I am going to use tho. What do you think? It does look better than in the pic.I think so anyway.All bits were items I had in my crafty area so really no cost now just small ones overtime

I will be making an outfit using same fabric in either of these 2 patterns not sure which yet but am leaning towards the jacket pattern with a skirt to match

These are other patterns I have bought lately this lot were all half price so have been making most of the sale also got the kids apron one so the girls can have a go at making their own, I thought it would be a nice easy project.The Queen of hearts is ready for kids dress up at school next year as one is going as her.The 50s hats coz I would really love to try making some.

These other ones I got a few weeks ago prior to sale.Bumma lol

I am looking at doing some 50s style aprons and dresses eventually with these pattern

Sorry about the side view of patterns for some reason it does that sometimes even after reuploading grrr
Well thats it for now till next time

Happy Crafting