Thursday, October 28, 2010

Just a quick post ...

Been having a few days rest from knitting I think that craze may be nearly over for now but I must finish off at least 2 mens scarves 1st so I can send them on their way.My wool basket is overflowing now as I have picked up alot of lovely balls from the opshops since I started.Least I will have plenty when my knitting or even crochet craze starts again as it will.
Today I am only sharing a couple of things one is a crocheted hat I made for the sister of the young boy who is getting the lions jumper the pattern is made up.

The funny looking book marks are for their mum also in crochet one is supposed to be a sunflower and the other is supposed to be a spider ( there really is 8 legs) with a web.

Now I am not the most proficient crocheter just a basic one tho have always wanted to get into harder patterns.Maybe one day? I hope she likes them any way, as she is an avid reader they will come in handy I am sure.
Well thats it short and sweet.
Till next time happy crafting


Thursday, October 14, 2010

A few of my completed items

I have not been here for awhile due to being busy creating and also packing up and moving and unpacking again.I am still in the middle my knitting craze and have finished the items in last post plus a couple of others.
I decided to leave the dragonfly square as it was as I didn't have enough if the same colour to continue it as a scarf.She can use it as a placemat for her coffee or whatever she so wishes.
The Lion jumper is complete and ready to send and wasn't too bad to make but I really do detest seaming!!I did learn how to do mattress stitch for seaming tho thanks to youtube.

I created some ankle and wrist cuffs for a gift exchange to a lady in Canada who does different dress up themes.The pattern was quite simple and can be found at Ravelry.Was my 1st attempt at blocking.It truly is a great place for patterns many of which are free.She has sent me some very sweet beaded jewellery.

I also found this spider that was knitted to be attached to a childs hat and I have turned it into a redback spider albiet a huge one and added a pin so it can be worn as a brooch.I will be making these again but will try and add some wire in the legs to make them sit where I want.

I ditched the last dragon scarf due to it not being a thick enough ply and started another which is also going as a gift exchange to a lady in the USA for her son.She sent me a cute brooch in the form of an antique watch face with a ribbon.

I am now creating my own version of a Dr Who scarf as another gift to a fellow in the USA (not sure what he will create for me as yet) The link above is very informative. This link is good one for Aussies to follow with needle size and ply wool we understand.Be warned the doing garter stitch row after row can be a tad boring but is simple to do while reading and watching TV so is also a no brainer.I dropped a stitch today ,luckily is on the side and will sew it up without undoing any stitches.
The colours are not DR Whoish at all but I may even attempt doing a proper one in the near future for another gentleman I know.The pink is there as this particular fellow said he doesnt mind some hot pink thrown in.

I am looking forward to getting into some crosstitch as soon as these items are done.

Well think thats it for now happy crafting one and all.