Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Busy little me and my new sewing machine.

I thought I would drop in and show the items (pic heavy) I have created in last few weeks.I think I have almost finished my gift exchange gifts (thusfar) just have another pair or 2 of Spats to make.

I ended up making 2 more pairs of the Alice Cuffs one in red again and one in an eggplant colour (purple or aubergine to be exact)They were a request by one of my exchange gift people,she saw my blog and LOVED them so much I had to make her a pair.

Here is my blocking of the cuffs (on old body board kids broke).My 1st blocking of knitting ever, was when I made my 1st pair of Alice cuffs.Blocking is a must when you knit anything with a lace effect.

I made another neckwarmer in the purple for another gift and must say my flowers have improved 100% since my 1st attempts.

I made a mans neckwarmer and added a Indian flint as a button as I know he is of Native American decent

I also finished the other 2 scarves for the other fellows.Here is one he also gets the black spats.

My spats came out quite well but still have room for improvement.Next pair will be in tartan as they are for a fella of Scottish decent.

My biggest excitment for the week is my new sewing machine (bliss).Its a Janome and its been many years since I had a new machine.My old one is a Brother bought for me by my hubby way back in the early 90s .I wanted a machine that will do heavier fabrics and I have been told the Janome is the way to go and the buttonholer is a dream.The brother will go in for a service next week and will now be one for the grandkids to learn on.I am so excited by my machine and I think my knitting is finished unless I have more requests so will get stuck in to sewing for a bit

I am really keen to get into some more spats in denim and lace etc so stay tuned.

I also started a crosstitch of this gypsy lady.
Another lady I have met online at Craftster is also doing the same lady.Its a tad hard for my old eyes to do crosstitch so wil be a long process but I will get there.

Thats it for now must parcel up my gifts and get them off.

May your crafty days be many,

Oh I almost forgot I had to make a mermaid outfit and a genie hat for the kids here is the mermaid outfit no pattern was used and she was one happy little mermaid.

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