Sunday, September 5, 2010

My Craft Basket Runneth Over

I am on one of my creative bents again.Which is not an unusual thing for me.The trouble with that tho is it doesnt seem to stay in a basket but overflows and fills a whole area then a room and then keeps on growing.While I am renting I am trying to keep it all contained but its hard and I look forward to having my own space one day.I have been promised a double garage when our house is built as my craft come office come storage and junk room and I cannot wait.(next year early I hope.

I have really been a crafting person since about 5 or 6 when I was shown how to knit.It was an ugly scrap of pink knitting that I proudley kept for many years and even used for show and tell a couple of times.I must have been quite proud even tho it was only about 20 rows of holes and crooked edges that seemed to expand as it grew.I wonder when I threw it out? It may be gone but will never be forgotten.

Since that time I have learnt (not always well) how to do many things and will continue to learn and create even tho I may be a master of none.

In this blogging journal I will share all the new things I have started and the finished items also (if it is not placed in my UFO basket for too long that I forget its there I do have a few I remember).Lets hope this blogging will motivate me into completing those long awaited UFOs.
As I am now a granny and for some reason I didnt pass my creative gene to my own children I have taken it upon myself to teach the grandchildren the joys of creating their own things.This I will also share as we progress thru the crafts.

In the last week or so I was busy creating costumes for my grandies for school as you can see and the 3 older ones who are at school all won in their class so the effort was worth it.The mad hatter hat and the jacket ideas were from following this tutorial from Threadbangers on You Tube.

At the moment I am in the process of a childs jumper for a face book friends young son.

Pattern is out of a book from Spotlight and is called Moda Impact Issue5

I am also knitting what is called an illusion scarf for a craft swap with a lady in the USA.Can you see the dragonfly you cant see it front on only as you l;ook along it. I got the pattern from Ravelry its a free pattern.This Dragon Scarf pattern is also free at Ravelry its for the grandson and is a simple and fast project to do.

Till next time may your crafting days be blissfully fruitful and a lot of fun.

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